About Us

Broadhurst School is a co-educational pre-preparatory school for children from 2 and a half to 5 years plus. It is situated in a residential area in London between Hampstead, West Hampstead and Swiss Cottage and was established in 1958, by Mrs Mary Berkery. Her son Brian Berkery is the Proprietor and the Head Teacher is Mrs Zoe Sylvester.
Children normally join Broadhurst at about two and a half years old and spend either two or three years in the school depending when their birthdays fall. Most continue at five to the preparatory schools in the North West London area. The younger children attend school for three hours a day in either morning or afternoon sessions while the older children attend for about six hours a day. All of the classes maintain a child-staff ratio of between 4:1 and 8:1 and all of the staff have appropriate teaching or early years qualifications.

Teaching philosophy
The school’s policy is to provide a happy, caring and secure environment in which every child can develop individually and is motivated and encouraged to reach his or her full potential. We believe that a child’s first experience of school should be both stimulating and exciting.

Curriculum and activities
The entry class is carefully structured so that the children’s transition from home to school and their subsequent introduction to school activities are positive, rewarding and happy experiences. Parents are encouraged to stay in the classroom for the first few days until their children have settled. The timetable incorporates daily art and craft activities, singing, role play, construction and free play, garden play and stories, all of which are continued throughout the school. We also introduce pre-reading and pre-writing skills and begin practical numeracy.
In the full day classes, the teachers work to establish a balanced atmosphere of acceptance and challenge. At this stage, the children need to be composed enough to concentrate, yet free enough to experiment and make mistakes without feeling exposed or self-conscious. We aim to give a firm foundation in the basic skills of language and numbers and do this largely through project work. Enjoyable as well as educational, this encourages general knowledge and an interest in the children’s surrounding. The older full day classes go on outings to museums, art galleries and other places of educational interest and we are happy for some parents to join us on these outings. The school is inspected by ISI and our curriculum meets the seven areas of learning laid down by the government: personal, social and emotional development, communication and language, literacy, mathematics, expressive arts and design, understanding of the world and physical development.

Parental contact
In educating children of this age, close communication between school and home is very important. The school holds regular Parent’s Evenings but parents are also encouraged to discuss any matters that might affect their child’s welfare and development with the Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher or class teachers.

Here you can find the 2014 Ofsted Report