Parent Information

If you would like to supply us with undated information, please email your new details to us.

Health Topics

If your child will be away from school, please notify the office. We suggest that children are kept at home for the following periods of time:

  • Temperature – for 24 hours after the child has a normal temperature.
  • Chicken Pox – for 7 days from the outset of the rash.
  • Dirrhoea – until the child has a firm stool.
  • Head Lice – for more information on head lice, please telephone the following help line on 020 7686 4321 or alternatively go to

Other things to note

  • Please always label your child’s coat, cardigan, hat, scarf and boots.
  • From time to time we are asked to hand out leaflets. These usually provide information on holuday schools, music classes, French classes etc. These are not necessarily endorsed by the school – we are merely acting as a distribution centre.