Welcome to Broadhurst School North London

Broadhurst school is a co-educational school for children from two and a half to five years.

The school is located in a quiet residential area in London, between Hampstead, West Hampstead and Swiss Cottage, and was founded in 1958, by Mrs Mary Berkery.

The School aims to provide a happy, caring and secure environment. We believe that a child’s first experience of school should be both stimulating and exciting.

Our curriculum is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage which develops an engaging, challenging and stimulating learning experience for our young learners.

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Our skilled and experienced staff ensure an exciting journey across the areas of personal, social and emotional development, communication and language, literacy, mathematics, expressive arts and design, understanding of the world and physical development.

Very young children have a natural curiosity and enthusiasm. We aim to harness these qualities through an active, stimulating, happy, caring and secure environment, in which our children can flourish into confident, well-prepared and highly motivated learners. At the same time, we help them to develop into sociable and balanced individuals with confidence, good manners, self-discipline, honesty and consideration for others.

The children are taught in small classes with a teacher and assistant teachers providing a good ratio of adults to children. Our school gives us every opportunity to become well acquainted with each child and we are able to meet their individual needs, enabling them to progress into independent schools across London.

It is important that our pupils enjoy their time at Broadhurst School. We seek every opportunity to praise and reward them, underlining our belief that children’s self-confidence will always develop to its full potential through positive reinforcement.

We provide an environment for children to develop self-confidence to discover, enjoy and develop their individual qualities and talents. A spirit of friendship and consideration for others is key, and we endeavour to help children extend this spirit through their everyday school experiences.